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The Features of The Flame Retardant Knitted Fabric

2016-10-24 08:23 | writer: admin

flame retardant knitted fabric from Yulong Textile
The flame on the fire resistant knitted fabric will be extinguished automatically after ten seconds away from the open flame. Based on the added order of the flame retardant additives, this kind of knitted fabric can be classified into pre-treatment and after treatment flame retardant knitted fabric. The flame retardant properties of the knitted fabric can be kept for a long time, it can be washed fifty time and more. This kind of fire resistant fabric can prevent the spread of flame on fabrics and can also maintain the original properties of the fabric. The fire proof workwear made of flame retardant knitted fabric can be washed many times and the flame retardant property will not be reduced. This kind of flame retardant knitted fabric is colorless, non-toxic for our body and also no stimulation.
The flame retardant knitted fabric has very soft hand feel and good moisture permeability function, it was often used for various daily necessities and special environmental products due to its good elasticity and excellent ductility and its producibility. The garments made of knitted fabric is very comfortable to wear, fit people’s body and will not has the sense of restraint and can fully show the body curves.

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