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The Influence of The Yarn's Property to Garment Fabric

2016-10-31 08:30 | writer: admin

garment fabric from Yulong Textile
When valued garment fabric, it’s appearance, hand feeling, property and cost etc are very important. Visual and tactile effects are often the first impression of fabric, the appearance and hand feeling of the yarn plays an important role to garment fabric.
The effect of fiber’s length to garment fabric
The length of fiber affect the fabric appearance, yarn quantity and fabric hand feeling. Fuzz has appeared on the short fiber’s surface, the weaved fabric has good filling power, spreadability, flexibility, feel warmth, but the uniformity of fiber is not good, fabric surface is not smooth and has weaker burnish. Filament yarn has good strength and uniformity, feels cook, fabric surface is smooth and bright, transparent and uniform. The longer the fiber, the more smooth the fabric, and not easy to pilling. Sometimes in order to pursue the style of the fabric texture, the filament deformation processed into textured yarn, makes the fabric fluffy and with covering power, which can get the rough appearance of the short fiber.
The effect of fiber’s fineness to garment fabric
The thin fiber can weave exquisite, filmy, tight, smooth fabric, soft hand feeling, comfortable to wear, apply to underwear, summer clothing, children's garments and top grade shirts etc. If the fiber is thick, the texture of fabric is rough, clearly, has massive and crummy texture, good heat retention property, spreadability and elasticity, it is more applicable to make autumn and winter outerwear.
The effect of fiber’s twist to garment fabric
The fiber’s twist has a great impact on many aspects of garment fabric, the twist increase due rather small fiber close, the strength has increase too, once beyond the critical value, decline the strength. Bigger twist fabric has stiff hand feeling, not so soft as low twist fabric. Within a certain range, increasing the twist, filament fabrics luster weakened, short fiber fabric luster increases.
The effect of fiber’s twist direction to garment factory
The fiber’s twist direction has a great impact on garment fabric’s appearance and hand feeling. The use of the warp and weft twist direction and fabric weave cooperation can produce intersection point distinctly, clearly, lustrous and moderate hand feeling fabric. Because different twist direction has different reflect to light, using different twill direction fiber’s radial arrangement makes the fabric shadow effect and shadow checks effect. When twist S and Z fiber produce fabric together with different sizes twist fiber, surface display ripple effect. Using the cooperation with high twist and twist direction can make the fabric with crepe effect, for example, the silk crepe de chine and crepe-back satin.
The effect of fiber’s type to garment fabric
Simple form and ordinary yarn need to organizational design, printing, or special finishing, which can makes the fabrics obtained unusual color effect and texture texture, special structure of fancy yarn, it’s fabric directly has color changes and special color texture, because the yarn already have these factors, in the composition of fabric offers more expressive, even with a simple structure will produce different results, it is interesting that the same kind of fancy yarn adopt different structure, density, width, etc., will have a different appearance and texture, and even unexpected results.

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