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Six Kind of Synthetic Fibers for Textile Material

2016-11-28 08:42 | writer: admin

Six Kind of Synthetic Fibers for Textile Material
In synthetic fibers, polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, vinylon and polyvinyl chloride fibre are known as the "six kind of synthetic fibers”
The synthetic fiber is monomer, uses oil, gas, coal and agricultural products as raw materials, it has high strength, good elasticity, wear resistant, chemical resistant, not mold, not afraid of insects, shrink resistant properties etc., and each of them has each special property. Except the dressing, it also have other many uses in production and national defense. For example, the nylon can be made garment textile, parachute suspension line, tire cord, mooring rope and fishing net etc, detailed annotation as follows:
Polyamide fibers (nylon / nylon): high strength and good wear resistance, can be made knitted products, blended fabrics, industrial fabrics, tire cords, fishing nets, ropes.
Polyethylene glycol terephthalate(Polyester / PET): good elasticity, high strength, poor water absorption, can be made textile material, electrical insulating material, fishing nets, rope, tire cord, parachute, spacesuits and so on. It can also be made into thin film, filmstrip, videotape, magcard etc.
Polyacrylonitrile fibre (acrylic / PAN): light weight, good elasticity, called "staple fiber." it can be blended with wool, cotton etc, to make woolen, wool fabric, cotton fabric, artificial fur, carpet, curtains etc.
fFormalized polyvinyl alcohol fiber (PVA / PVFM): with excellent moisture absorption, the "synthetic cotton," . It can be blended with cotton to make cotton blends fabric, filter cloth, canvas, conveyor belt and so on.
Polyvinyl chloride fiber(polyvinyl chloride / PVC): flame retardant, anti acid and alkali, poor moisture absorption. It can be woven window screening, screen, mesh bag and rope, make woolen, blanket, cotton fiber, filter cloth and so on.
Polypropylene fibers (polypropylene fiber / PP): hemp wear-resistance, high strength, acid and alkali resistance, and poor anti-aging property, can be used to make carpet, bag, rope, filter cloth, packaging materials.

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