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Chinese Mining Protective Clothing's Development

2016-12-05 08:38 | writer: admin

mining protective clothing
Mine field is mainly divided into coal mine and non coal mine. Because it will comes out gas discharge during exploitation process, and have a large quantity powder generated gas (Gas in narrow sense is methane gas, in broad sense is every poisonous and harmful gas) and some coal powder have risk of explosion. Therefore, it provided higher request for coal workers wearing workwear and protective clothing.
1999, it provided related standard for coal work clothing in China -- MT /T843 - 1999 ‘coal worker normal work clothing’, this norm is just suit for normal coal work clothing, to mine work clothing fabric and wear resistance performance etc , it made basic regulations, but didn’t related special protective clothing requirement in underground special environment.
Because underground mine have higher humidity, and working environment is moist, to prevent workers exposed in such working environment long terms from hurts, and it also requested that protective clothing need water proof performance. Meanwhile, according to it will exist gas and powder explosion risk, it requested normal clothing should be antistatic 100% cotton textile or strictly antistatic treatment textile for producing. Connected pure cotton and FR fiber, adding conductive fiber during weaving, then treated with after finish, then it will meet mine protective clothing requirement.
With mine exploitation depth increased, mine exploitation faced high temperature issue, and during deep exploitation, ground temperature and working face temperature is more and higher, some scholar put forward, exploitation working face is the main problem to restrict future deep exploitation. To prevent underground high temperature/high moisture environment from hurt to human body, In China, there are a lot of technical workers is devoted to develop protective clothing suitable using under mine severe environment and high-duty labor environment.

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