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Textile Heat Protective Product Sort

2016-12-12 08:44 | writer: admin

flame retardant protective workwear
1. Flame retardant explosion protective product
On oil & petrifaction and chemical industry, people working in the easy explosion and easy flaming environment which is the objective existence of the facts. Fuel management/pipeline/oil drilling workers/factory workers/mechanic and many other work groups, exposed in the danger of explosion everyday. FR protective fabric and clothing is mainly used in these work groups.
2. Fire fighter protective clothing
Fire protective suit is one of the important equipment product of personal safety to protect fire fighter who active in the first line, it is not only the indispensable at the scene of the fire rescue, also is the fire equipment to protect the fireman’s body from harm. Therefore, fire suit is particularly important to adapt to the scene of the fire rescue activities. 
3. The molten metal splash protection product  
Foreign demand for this kind of product has the perfect standard, the main protective material such as aramid, flame retardant viscose and polyimide and such fiber made fabric, also can use cotton FR fabric, similar to the requirement of flame retardant heat resistant fabric, but through the measurement of molten metal, the thickness of the fabric must meet certain requirement. 
4. Arc proof protective product
Many material can be used as arc proof clothing material, foreign standard suggest certain heat stability and non-molten material as arc proof fabric, such as cotton fabric/ FR cotton fabric/ aramid fabric/ modacrylic cotton blended fabric etc, but its’ heat stability should reach relative arc protection value(APTV).

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