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The Comparison of The FR Standards Among USA, EU and China

2016-12-19 10:17 | writer: admin

fr coveralls
(1) Among the standards’ system of USA, EU and China, the FR testing method for protective clothing is much unified. The American standards adopt ASTM 6413 vertical burning method, EU uses ISO 15025 surface and bottom burning method, China uses GB 5455 vertical burning method.
(2) As for USA standards, except the FR testing on the fabric, also has the heat transfer testing, dummy combustion testing and other test method, the testing system is much complete and the simulated burning environment is much true and authentic.
(3) The testing range in the EU system is much comprehensive, except the testing method of direct contact with the flame, also include the testing requirement on the heat conduction, radiation protection and other.
(4) China also has many standards on the FR, however, most of the standards was used to judge the protective clothing’s FR property only by testing the small piece fabric. There is still great gap compared with the USA and EU standard system.

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