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Classification of Canvas

2016-12-26 08:36 | writer: admin

cotton flame retardant canvas
Canvas is a coarse and thick cotton fabric or linen fabric.It was named for using in sailing ship.It is generally plain weave while a small number of canvas is twill weave.Warp and weft yarns are made of multi-folded yarn.Canvas usually divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas.Coarse canvas is also called as covering cloth.Because coarse canvas is sturdy,folding and water repellent,it is used in motor transportation,covering for open storage and field camp.Fine canvas is used in labor protection production,and it is also used in fabric for shoes,travel bag and backpack after dyeing.There are rubber canvas,fire and radiation resistant canvas and canvas for paper machine furthermore.
Thickness of canvas:we usually describe it by ounce such as 6 OZ,8 OZ,10 OZ,12 OZ,14 OZ,16 OZ,18 OZ,20 OZ,22 OZ,24 OZ,26 OZ.We often use 6 OZ-16 OZ in textile industry for workwear.Yulong textile can product different thickness according to different using condition and customer needs.
Width of canvas:it divide into 36 inches,44 inches,56 inches,60inches.Actually we call 36/44 inches as narrow width,56/60 inches as wide width.Because functional canvas made by we Yulong textile is usually used in workwear production,we use 56 inches mostly.We can choose 34inches or 44inches according to customer needs as well.
We often use fine canvas in functional fabric and garment industry,and we can dye them in different color according to customer needs.

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