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The Factor Which Will Effect The Quality of The Knitted Fabric

2017-01-03 09:05 | writer: admin

knitted fabric
As for the knitted fiber, only have certain linear density and length, the fiber can entangle with each other, then depend on the friction among the fibers and spun into yarn. So the textile has certain linear density and length is one of the necessary condition to do the textile processing and make the product has application value.
The fiber's linear density of the knitted single side fleece fabric has very close relation to the yarn and fabric performance. In general, the lower the fiber linear density and the better the evenness, the better of the product quality and processing will be. As for the effect of the fiber’s linear density on the wearability, the fabric with the finer fiber will be much soft and the gloss if much gentle, and the fabric with finer fiber is much light, this kind of fabric can be used to make the garment with good breathable property and skill-effect.
The length of the fiber is also closely related to the quality of the knitted products. Under the same condition, if the fiber is much long, then the yarn strength is much high and has good evenness, the surface of the yarn is much bright and clean, so the weaved fabric will be with good tear strength, clean and bright appearance and not easy to pilling. In addition, in the premise of make sure the yarn’s quality, the longer the fiber, the finer the yarn can be spun, and can be used to produce the much thin fabric.

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