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The Comparison About Fire Retardant Safety Clothing Standard Between China, America and European Union

2017-01-09 09:23 | writer: admin

fire retardant safety clothing
(1) In the standard systems of America, European Union and China, the flame retardant safety clothing test methods are inseparable in various regions, always adopting the vertical burning method stipulated by ASTMD6413 in American standard system, European Union use surface combustion method and bottom combustion method stipulated by ISO15025, China use the vertical burning method stipulated by GB5455.
(2) Except the fire retardant testing for fabric in American standard system, it also make the testing methods of heat transfer property, flame manikin etc, the system is more perfect, and perform well about combustion condition.
(3) The European Union standard system has comprehensively fire retardant testing range, except the testing method of contact with the fire directly, it also including the requirements about the heat conduction, radiation protection etc property.
(4) Although China make a lot of standards, but mainly focus on testing the fabric sample’s fire retardant property to evaluate the safety clothing’s fire retardant property, comparing with America or European union standard systems there is a big disparity.

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