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Textile Information—The Most Things for Fiber

2017-02-06 09:11 | writer: admin

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1. The Toughest Polyester
The fiber strength of polyester is 2 times higher than cotton, and 3 times higher than wool. Impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon, and 20 times higher than viscose. It’s tough and hard, the strength for dry state and wet state is kept without any change. Polyester fiber is very stiff and smooth, not easy to fold.
2. The Most Wear Resistance Polyamide
Polyamide has another name that is nylon. Its wear resistance is 10 times than cotton, 20 times than wool; therefore polyamide is more durable and wears resistance.
3. The Most Light-Durable Acrylic
Acrylic fiber is fluffy and curved, soft and kept warm, and elastic, have the name “synthetic wool”. Because acrylic have great light-durable property, and higher than other textile fiber, on textile field, we change “jing” to “qing”, means it can resist sunshine. The strength is just decreased 20% under outside sunshine for one year.
4. The Most Elastic Spandex
Spandex fiber’s elastic usually is 500%-800%, elastic recovery property is good, just around 2% spandex covering yarn textile’s elastic length is reach 20-30%, basically reach human activity to textile’s elastic requirement.
5. The Lightest Polypropylene 
Its weight is just 3/5 of cotton, to light weight, it is one of the top one in textile. Polypropylene fibre has cheaper cost, and price is cheaper.
6. The Most Wet Absorption Wool
Under the condition of 20℃ and 65% contrast humidity, moisture rate of wool is 16%; under very humid condition, it can absorb more than 40% water.
7. The Most Heat-Afraid Terylene
It will become soft and shrinkage on about 70℃, the shrinkage rate can reach 50% in the boiled water, is the most heat-afraid textile fiber. Generally after lighting the fiber, and left lighting fire, it is still burning, however the terylene left the lighting fire, and it will distinguish naturally. Therefore, terylene is the hardest burning textile fibre.

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