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Protection Principle of Flame Retardant Clothing

2017-02-13 08:30 | writer: admin

flame retardant clothing
Flame retardant clothing is one of the most popular personal protective equipment.Protection Principle of flame retardant clothing are insulation,reflection,absorb,carbonization and other shielding effect.Flame retardant clothing protects laborers from fire and heat.
Flame retardant fiber of the clothing will slow down the burning rate.Fiber will extinguish itself when remove the fire.Combustion section will carbonize quickly without melt to give people time to escape the fire or take off the burning cloth that can protect people.
Features and technical parameters of Flame retardant clothing are as below:
Convenient,durable and safe Insulation Button.There are durable built-in pocket and cuff with Adjustable Button in top wear.Tight cuff,tight neckline and tight leg opening.Four layers flame retardant clothing is used for fireman while one layer flame retardant clothing is used for general industry.
It is widely used in oilfield,petrochemical,gas station,fire fighting and other occasion that require for multiple protection clothing.
Main style of flame retardant clothing made by Xinxiang Yulong textile are flame retardant coverall,FR divided suits,FR jackets,FR bib pants,FR shirts and FR jeans etc.Materials are full cotton,CVC,nylon-cotton,aramid and modacrylic etc.There are multiple function protective clothing superimposed with hi-vis,anti-static,acid&alkali resistance,oil&water proof.

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