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Aramid FR Fiber's Application in Safety Protection Filed

2017-02-20 08:58 | writer: admin

aramid fr fabric
Inherent FR replies on material itself medical construction made FR and heat resistance property. Because it’s FR and heat resistance property is not get through adding other chemical treatment, it will not decrease after washing and wearing increased. Normal inherent FR fiber mainly is Aramid/ Modacrylic cotton FR/ FR viscose etc...
Aramid fiber belong to natural FR, it have great fiber strength, halogen content lower, wear ability good, thus light/ FR/ heat resistance/ insulation/ anti-radiation/ high strength/ high elasticity modulus such great property, which have connection with national defense security and important strategic material of national economy, it is the key material for military equipment/ military police FR protective and bullet proof equipment and national key equipment making, and it also widely used in energy/ traffic/ chemical/ electrics/ building such field’s safety protection/ environment protection filtration/ construction enhance and electric insulation. World each rich countries have high value on aramid research and industrial development. Where produced FR protective clothing have permanent FR property, and wearing suitable.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile produced aramid fabric mainly adopt aramid IIIA material, made from 93% meta aramid/ 5% para aramid and 2% carbon fiber antistatic, so except its great FR property, it also have antistatic function.

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