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European Standard for Arc Thermal Protection

2017-02-27 17:39 | writer: admin

arc proof fabric
Arc flash fire is the main reason to cause the electric workers electric shock or injured. Because the serious arc occurred on 19500℃,the temperature is as much as three times higher than  the sun's surface temperature, the surrounding materials are vaporized or melted, if the workers’ workwear on the fire, there will burns to large areas of the body.
European standard for arc proof safety clothing fabric testing standard is to exposed 4pcs fabrics under the arc reaction, test the fabric corresponding data results.The test condition are: 400-volt power, arc flash time is 500s, top electrode is made of aluminum, bottom electrode is made of copper, electrode space is 30mm, the distance between the test sample and the electrode space is 300mm.
The European standards have the following requirements: the garment is long sleeve to protect the whole upper trunk; the garment button or zipper accessories can be worked well under the arc reaction; The sewing thread, accessories, button or zipper accessories won’t cause human body any further hurt after arc reaction; metal accessories, button or zipper should be covered by fabric, non-metallic accessories, button or zipper can be exposed on the surface.

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