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Related Flame Retardant Standard for Chinese Textiles

2017-03-07 15:35 | writer: admin

flame retardant fabric for clothing
1.GB17591<Flame retardant woven fabric>
This standard specifies the flame retardant woven fabric product category,Technical Requirements,experiment method,Inspection rules,package and symbol.This standard divide the flame retardant properties of woven fabric into two levels:1)B1:Damage length≤150mm,after flame time≤5s,flame retardant time≤5s;2):Damage length≤200mm,after flame time≤15s,flame retardant time≤10s.Test Method for flame retardancy is according to GB / T 5455.The supply and demand sides negotiate determine level according to the assessment and use of the product.Generally B1 is used for garment&decorative cloth with special needs,B2 is used for Decorative cloth.
2.GB8965<flame retardant clothing>
This standard specifies the flame retardant woven fabric,Technical Requirements,experiment method,Inspection rules,package symbol,transport and storage.Flame retardant clothing is only wore by workers in condition of flame,flash,molton drop and other flame hazard.Test Method for flame retardancy is according to GB / T 5455,and it can reach B1 of GB 17591.
3.GB50222<Code for Fire Prevention in Design of Interior Decoration of Buildings>
The standard have made the relevant provisions about flame retardant requirements and test methods for upholstery fabrics in house (such as curtains, bedspreads, cloth of furniture etc).Test Method for flame retardancy is according to GB / T 5455.Underground civil construction decorative fabrics must meet the requirements of B1,High civil buildings in the residential and hotel bedspread must reach the requirements of B1 as well.Curtain cloth and furniture must reach B1 or B2 according to the requirements of different buildings and places.

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