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8 Kinds of Labour Protection Products(1)

2017-03-27 15:34 | writer: admin

protective workwear
It is very necessary to use the labor protection products according to the labor rules. While there are many kinds of labor protection products, and different protection products have different protective effect.
1. Head protection products. Mainly are ordinary crash helmet, dust cap, tarpaulin, arctic cap, safety helmet, anti-static cap, high temperature prevention cap, anti-electromagnetic radiation cap, insect proof cap, etc.
2. Respiratory apparatus protection products. Mainly protect human body from noxious gas, steam, dust, smoke and mist into the respiratory tract, or directly providing users oxygen so as to make sure that workers who work in the dust, poison pollution or oxygen-deficient environment can breath normally. According to the protective function, it can be divide into dust mask and anti-poison respirator. According to the form, it can be divided into filter type and isolated type.
3. Eye(face) protection products. According to the protective functions, it can be divided into 9 types, which are dust proof, water proof, striking resistant, high temperature prevention, anti-electromagnetic radiation, ray proof, chemical splash proof, sand proof and hard light proof. At present, labor protection products used by our country generally are welding glasses,and mask, furnace kiln glasses and mask, striking resistant glasses and mask.
4. Listening protection products, also known as auditory organ protection products, mainly are  earplug, earmuff and anti-noise helmet.

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