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Protective Fabrics Have Very Vast Space

2017-04-10 18:31 | writer: admin

protective fabrics
In recent years, anti-static fabric is the rapid development protective fabrics. According to expert analysis, the fire accident happed in the fire gunpowder, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil workplace, mostly due to static electricity caused by human activities. Therefore, in recent years, anti-static overalls were widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, military, medicine and high dust and other related industries,  it has very good market prospects.
In recent years, the demand for flame retardant fabric on the market is rising gradually, due to a number of serious fire accidents. Flame retardant fabric has excellent laundering durability, non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating and it is safety to human body,  also has the property of breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Among these flame retardant fabric, the aramid IIIA flame retardant fabric owns permanent FR property, has very broad application prospects. The flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang yulong textile co., ltd was mainly used for safety protect clothing, the washable time of the FR property is longer than the clothing.
Antibacterial fabric is also very popular. Textiles made of ordinary fibers, due to the chemical structure of their body shape and perforated polymer is conducive to microbial attachment, thus becoming parasitic body for the microbial survial and reproduction. Not only hazardous to human boday, the parasitic body will also pollute the fiber. So it will be the particular urgent thing to produce the antibacterial fabric. In addition, The anti-acid & alkali, anti-uv, anti-mosquito fabri which was based on cotton, polyester cotton, Cotton/nylon, modacrylic cotton and other fabrics are becoming the new material which is popular at home and abroad.
The textile fabric which was integration of science and technology elements will be rise rapidly in the future market. It will be the struggling direction of textile and chemical fiber industry to increase functionality, performance, differential fiber development and expand its application in the key areas.

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