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The Water Repellent Property of Textile Fabric

2017-04-13 11:02 | writer: admin

water repellent fabric
There are two kind of water repellent finishing can makes the fabric not penetrate the fabric, one is water proof finishing, which is coated with a layer of impermeable continuous film in the surface of the fabric, which can block the fabric gap to makes the air or water not permeability, usually used to make industrial product or decoration, for example, tent, truck tarpaulin or purdah. The other kid is water repellent finishing, which is to makes the fabric have water repellent and breathable property through adding one layer impervious water repellency film on the fabric fiber but not close the fabric gap.The water proof fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd is usually referred to water repellent fabric.
Water repellent fabric is characterized by water repellency as well as moisture permeability, usually used to make clothing. The water repellent finishing including temporary, half durability and durability three kinds, mainly depend on the chemical structure of the water repellent agent. When the fabric fiber surface is covered with one layer water repellent molecules, the fabric has water repellent function.
The reason to makes the fabric with repellent property after the water repellent finishing is for the changes of the fabric fiber’s surface properties. Most of the water repellent finishing agent containing long chain aliphatic compounds of alkyne, when the surface of the fiber is full of the hydrophobicity molecule, the fiber’ adsorption property to the water can be reduced or eliminated, so the water repellent effect can be used between the surface tension of fabric surface, air and water to express.
As for the water repellent treatment, the common water-repellent agent generally has the low surface energy of long-chain aliphatic hydrocarbon water repellent groups, it also has the others groups who can reactive with fiber or have strong adoption with fiber, thus makes durability water repellent effect. 
The water repellent fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd is widely used for the protective clothing, thus requirements that the fabric with waterproof and breathable properties. Water repellency and moisture permeability are the two most important incompatible but closely related characteristics for textile. Water proof property is to prevent water droplets enter into the interior fabric from the outside, and the moisture permeability refers that the sweat and moisture expands through the inside fabric.

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