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The Factors Which Influence Fabric Soil Release

2017-04-17 18:21 | writer: admin

soil release fabric
There are two factors which influence fabric soil release:
The first one is hydrophilic ability of fiber. The second one is polarity size of finishing agent after chemical treatment. Good hydrophilic ability will have good soil release ability, while the surface of smeary hydrophobic fibers can not meet soil release requirement. What is more, the finishing agent deposited on the fiber surface will have a significant impact on soil and fiber.
All in all, big polarity together with finishing agent of hydrogen bond which formed by water attach to the surface of hydrophobic fiber, so that dirt can be wiped out easily when washing. Of course, after the fabric with hydrophobic fiber making hydrophilia soil resistant finish, although the oil repellency of fabric in the air can not be improved, the wet stain tendency of fabric can be decreased.

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