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Factors Affecting the Combustion Performance of Textiles

2017-04-21 08:14 | writer: admin

fire resistant fabric
In addition to the chemical composition of the fibers, the combustion properties of the fabric are related to the fuel, finishing agent, fabric structure and external conditions.
1.Fabric structure
The structure of fabric affects the burning rate and the spread of flame.Burning rate of the fabric whose tissue structure is tight and thick is slow and difficult to spread of same fibrous material. Due to the tight and thick fabric in the air content is relatively low,lack of oxygen to reduce the combustion performance.Therefore, the organizational structure should be a reasonable choice to the lightest fiber to get the best flame retardant effect
The influence of temperature on the combustion performance of the fabric can be explained by the change of oxygen index.When the combustion temperature increased from 25 ℃ to 150 ℃, the oxygen index of non flame retardant cotton reduce from 18% to 14%, while the flame-retardant cotton reduce from 35% to 27%,The flammability of the fabric increases with increasing temperature.
3.Moisture content
The combustion performance of the fabric is also affected by its moisture content.When the fabric is heated and burned, the water will first be evaporated, and the heat will be absorbed. Therefore, the high relative humidity has an inhibitory effect on the flame diffusion.The burning rate in wet air is generally slower
4.Atmospheric pressure
Atmospheric pressure of the fabric also has an impact for burning rate.The combustion rate increases with increasing air pressure because that the partial pressure of oxygen in the air increases with increasing pressure, so the rate of combustion increases.
In addition,external sunlight and heat also affect the combustion performance, so the flame retardant fabric properties must be comparable under the same conditions.

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