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The Difference of The Labor Protection Classes Among Different Working Environment(1)

2017-04-27 17:43 | writer: admin

protective clothing
The job which has immediately risk to life and health (namely the area where will occurs irreparable and irreversible harms within 30 minutes) and firefighters who will go to the chemical accident site to participant in the rescue need to reach Class A(suffocating or irritating poisonous substance) or Class B(non-volatile toxic solid or liquid), as for the rescuer worked in the accident site that can not make sure the poisonous source need to reach Class A.
 (A) A-level protection:
Can provide the most complete protection to the gas and liquid in the surrounding environment.
1. Protection object:
Exposure to unknown chemicals (pure or mixture); the concentration of harmful substances to achieve the concentration of IDLH; exposure to high concentrations of chemicals, Hypoxia.
2. Equipment:
Full facepiece positive pressure breathing apparatus (SCBA): based on capacity, the user's vital capacity, activity, etc. to determine the cylinder use time;
All closed airtight chemical protective clothing: for the airtight system, against all kinds of chemical liquids, gas infiltration;
Protective gloves: chemical resistant gloves;
Protective boots: anti - chemical protective boots;

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