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The Difference of The Labor Protection Classes Among Different Working Environment(3)

2017-05-03 17:16 | writer: admin

protective clothing
(C) C-level protection:
For low concentrations of contaminated environment or on-site support operations area.
1.Protection object:
Non-skin absorption of toxic substances; toxic species and concentration is known; concentration below the IDLH concentration;Not hypoxia.
Air filter respirator:Positive pressure or negative pressure system, selective air filtration, suitable for specific protection objects and hazard levels;
Hooded chemical protective clothing:Isolated particles, a small amount of liquid splash;
Protective gloves:Chemical liquid penetration;
Protective boots:Chemical liquid penetration;
(D)D-level protection:
1.Protection object:
Applicable to cold areas or cold areas outside the site staff.
Underwear or other general uniforms, boots and gloves.

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