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Fabric Thermal Protective Performance TPP Test Method

2017-05-08 17:33 | writer: admin

thermal protective fabric
1. High temperature resistance test, it has two methods, the first is dynamic combustion test: this is burning resistance test method for testing fabric under stress. That is on relative stable condition between the strength of the fire source and fabric tension, testing the min. short time for this fabric’s fracture, so it shows the high temperature resistance degree under stress situation. It has some meaning to testing certain stressed position, such as elbow and knee. The second, garment or fabric’s heated broker testing, impacting the face of fabric with certain heat flow, determined exposed time when it happened cracker phenomenon, at the same time observe surface breaking situation. After fabric heating, carbonization or fusing shrinkage, if having breaking holes, it expressed that part of the protection is invalid.
2. Thermal protection test, it is named TPP testing for short. This is one testing method for fabric’s heat-insulating property. During testing, heat impact the fabric directly (show up as two kinds of different heat transfer form, 50% is heat convection, 50% is thermal radiation). Heat sensor testing heat class go through by fabric, computer calculate the heat, to simulate human body’s burning status. 

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