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Protection of Workers Under High Temperature Environment

2017-05-11 08:17 | writer: admin

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Prevention of hazards from high temperature environment to workers, from the following aspects:
1. The appropriate arrangements for staff working hours and ways to avoid staff engaged in high-temperature operation for a long time and accidents.
2. Try to carry out the physical work in the morning and near dusk, to avoid exposure in the midday sun.
3. The use of rotation and division of labor, to avoid excessive heat fatigue; as for the staff who is in long-term recovery should avoid high temperature work.
4. To avoid working alone under the high temperature environment, and keep in touch to deal with accidents at any time.
5. To provide personal protection equipment, such as cooling clothing, reflective clothing, ventilation clothing, water-cooling clothing, sun protection and heat protection products. Provide cool and resting places for staff, provide heat insulation and provide air-conditioning equipment.

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