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The Research Status of Arc Protective Clothing

2017-05-16 18:00 | writer: admin

arc protective clothing
In 1981, Ralph Lee issued the arc hazard calculation method; 
In 1986, DuPont implemented the arc personal protective equipment (PPE) program;
In 1994, the United States Occupational Health and Safety Organization issued arc protection requirements OSHA 1910.269 (1994); 
In 1995, the National Fire Protection Association determined the arc classification standards (1995) in the NFPA70E standard;
In 1996, DuPont began issuing arc-related research reports;
In 1997, DuPont began to release arc protective clothing relevant research reports;American Society for Testing Materials ASTM promulgated the PPE test standard (1997) for arc protection equipment;
In 2002, the American Electrical Code (NEC) requested the warning label for crc hazards; the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Association (IEEE) 1584 authorized the use of calculation method for arc; 
In 2004, the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 70E published the version 04; NFPA 70E provides a systematic introduction to the protection of arc hazards, including how to do the arc hazard study analysis, how to determine the arc protection interface and how to select suitable arc protection clothing;
In 2006, DuPont developed a new generation of arc protection fabric.

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