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Reason of Cotton Knitted Fabric's Shrinkage

2017-05-25 17:49 | writer: admin

cotton knitted fabric
Shrinkage of cotton knitted fabric is mainly caused by highly deformed organization structure.The basic structure of a knitted fabric is loop.Through the loop with each other to form a complex spatial structure.Each loop is divided into three parts:leg loop pillar,top arc and sinker loop.The distance between the two adjacent loops is called wale spacing, and the distance between the longitudinal corresponding points is called course spacing.needle loop and leg loop pillar can be transferred by external force,Therefore, the knitted fabric has a characteristic of being easily deformed.
Usually each knitted fabric has a structure of the most stable form, expressed by the density contrast coefficient:course spacing/wale spacing or transverse loop density/longitudinal loop density.When the knitted fabric is subjected to longitudinal stretching, the course spacing increases, the wale spacing decreases, and the density contrast coefficient increases, so that the knitted fabric is separated from the stable structural form.When the external force is removed, it can gradually retract and restore to a stable state.If the fabric under the action of a large external force, or repeated by the external force, it will cause greater deformation of the coil, sets of contacts close contacts, and its structure will not be the stable state.This unstable state in the role of water and external forces can restitute by the relaxation, which led to shrinkage.In addition, the fiber and yarn under the external force generated by the deformation of the internal stress,can also cause fiber and yarn shrinkage, resulting in shrinkage by the relaxation of water molecules on the role of stress.

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