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Human Skin Burning Degree

2017-05-31 18:32 | writer: admin

fire retardant clothing
Usually, according to skin construction broken depth and construction death degree, it built human skin burning calculation system, this system is mainly divided into four levels according to skin burning degree.
(1)First class burning is surface burning, burns only occur in the epidermal layer. It’s characterized by skin redness, caused pain, but didn’t appear burn of blisters. Usually under summer strong sunshine, it is belong to first class burns.
(2)Second-degree burns are the skin epidermis layer being destroyed; it can be divided into superficial second-degree burns and deep second-degree burns. Superficial second-degree burns do not destroy the dermis, the skin redness, and blister. However deep second-degree burns will destroy part of the dermis, and generate blister which showing pale after burns.
(3)When reached three degree burns, the whole dermis will be destroyed, will extend to subcutaneous tissue necrosis. Its character is skin moist/ white/ but no blisters, it belongs to a kind of irreversible burns, it will loss consciousness after burns.
(4)Level 4 burns required skin transplantation. Level 5 & 6 burns destroy muscle and bone formation respectively.
In all kinds of protective clothing, thermal protection function clothing is one of the most widely used kinds, it is in high temperature environmental used, can cause human body heat emit, to prevent heat stroke, burns and harm of individual protective equipment the role is to protect the body from various thermal damage, such as burns, conductive heat, radiant heat, molten metal sputtering and hot steam or hot gases.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile produced flame retardant protective clothing can effectively avoid the skin sever burn, while the fire accident occurs, the flame resistance property of flame retardant clothing can give the body enough time to escape the site and took off his burning clothing.

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