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Testing Standards for Thermal Protective Clothing in Foreign Countries

2017-06-06 17:39 | writer: admin

Thermal Protective Clothing
Compared with China, the United States, Europe and other Western developed countries research and develop the thermal protective clothing earlier, has developed and implemented a series advanced and perfect thermal protective clothing product standards and test methods standards.
In the test study of thermal protective performance, in addition to the development and establishment of a more complete evaluation of the flame retardant properties testing method, but also establish other aspects testing methods for thermal protection performance, such as thermal protective clothing insulation, integrity and resistance to liquid permeability, and the TPP method which reflects the comprehensive thermal protection performance, Thermo-man method. Through these methods, the thermal protective clothing thermal protection performance can be tested and evaluated more comprehensively.
At present, the internationally testing methods mainly uses ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), and EN (European Union), such as ASTM D4108-87(thermal properties of clothing materials TPP flame test method), ASTM F0955(method of measurement of heat transmitted by protective clothing in contact with a molten object), NFPA1971(standard for fire service of multi - layer structure), NFPA1976 (Standard for Protective Clothing for Fire Fighter), NFPA1977 (wildfires firefighters protective clothing and fire equipment standards), ISO9151 (heat resistance clothing and insulation performance testing standards) etc.

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