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Classification and Characteristics of Plain Fabric

2017-06-10 17:26 | writer: admin

cotton flame retardant plain fabric
Plain fabric is woven by plain weave.Plain fabric style:flat appearance,cool handle feeling,strong texture,wear resisting.Plain fabric is divided into coarse calico,calico,cossas.
1.Coarse calico:mostly woven by coarse cotton yarn.Rough cloth, thick, more neps and impurities, fast and durable, mainly used for clothing lining, etc.In the mountainous rural areas, the coastal village is also used in coarse cloth shirt and underneath side.It will used for shirts and pants after dyeing.
2.Calico:woven by the special cotton yarn or viscose yarn, cotton yarn, polyester yarn.The structure is more closely, cloth flat fullness, firm texture, feel hard.Generally it is used as underneath side,Lining cloth,shirt pants, linen.Mostly used as greige for cloth, color cloth.Calico is used for clothing fabric after processing.
3.Cossas:woven by fine special cotton yarn, viscose yarn, cotton yarn, polyester yarn and other weaving.Fine soft fabric, light anf close texture, less cloth impurities.Apply of cossas for sale is same as calico.Mostly used as greige for cloth, color cloth.Used as underwear, pants, summer coat, blouse and other fabric after processing.

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