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The Requirement and Classification of Thermal Protective Garments

2017-06-13 17:50 | writer: admin

thermal protective garments
Thermal protective clothing is changing with the time’s development. From the protective performance consideration, it must be fire resistance, heat resistance, insulating, it also should have tearing resistance, prevent the impact of the sharp objects, collision etc.. In addition, it also needs the property for preventing the chemical damage from the skin. From the working efficiency into consideration, operating personnel must have the working place, thermal protective clothing should choose the material with good scalability, reasonable design, and convenient to wearing and take off.
At present, the thermal protective clothing can be divided into two kinds: one is two pieces, the other is one piece, and two kinds both have advantage and disadvantage. Two pieces thermal protective clothing has the advantage of high safety, easy activities, not easily wet, good property of water proof, good property of cold resistance, good appearance. Defect is poor heat dissipation, body heat is not easy to discharge, high cost and heavy. The advantage for one piece is high heat dissipation, easy to discharge the body heat, cost lower. Disadvantage is not good safety, inconvenient activity.
General development trend of thermal protective clothing is the comprehensive protection, implementation by a single risk factor for protection to the comprehensive protection of harmful factors, by emphasizing protective to the transition of the value of human ergonomics and comfortable. Mainly reflected in three aspects: one is clothing material of high-performance; the second is new materials development technology; the third is the fabric composite and finishing processing technology matures.

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