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The Classification of Flame Retardant Clothing

2017-06-26 17:45 | writer: admin

flame retardant clothing
Flame retardant clothing is engaged in high-temperature environment as the protector of life, because the fire-retardant clothing plays an important role during working. Next, Yulong textiles will bring a brief introduction of various types of fire-retardant clothing.
Now there are four types of flame retardant clothing on the market:
The first is the high temperature resistant flame retardant clothing, it was made of high temperature resistant fiber and the main feature is high temperature resistance;
The second category is polyester-cotton flame retardant clothing, the finishing process for blended poly-cotton fabric is padding and baking, the protective clothing which was made of this blended fabric has the good performance of high temperature resistance, washability and resistance to melting.
The third category is the 100% cotton flame retardant clothing, which is characterized by washable and soft feel better;
The fourth category is aluminum foil cotton overalls, it has the advantage of the most, washable, soft feel, anti-melt are impeccable, but the permeability is relatively poor.
The above are four types of flame retardant clothing on the market, Xinxiang Yulong textile can produce all kinds of flame-retardant protective clothing, including cotton flame-retardant protective clothing, CVC fire proof overalls, C/N fire proof protective clothing, inherent fire resisting aramid IIIA protective clothing and modacrylic cotton fire resistant protective clothing etc.

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