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The Necessary of Choosing Flame Retardant Workwear

2017-07-01 18:09 | writer: admin

flame retardant workwear
Select and use flame retardant workwear correctly can decrease the disastrous workwears with fire and save life. Compared with the cost used in hospital for burn and rehabilitation, the workwear only cost little and will have great effect. If operators wear wrong workwears, the skin under the cloth will burn much more serious than the skin exposes in the air. 
Nowadays, more and more countries have enacted a mandatory law, which asked the workers must equipped with suitable individual protective equipment in dangerous working places. Many transnational corporations such as Malaysia oil company, shell oil company, Alcoa and so on all have carried out the policy that workers must been equipped with individual protective workwear and the operators who are regular employees and contractual services are required to use individual protective equipment to work. There are also some requirements and orders to ask workers to wear individual protective equipment in some industrial circles in China.
According to estimation, every 1% burns need 1.5 days treatment and average need 19 days to live in hospital, daily costs beyond $18,000. Whole treatment money during the hospital will cost $200,000 to $700,000, sometimes even $1000,000.
The property of flame retardant fabric, which is once the fire leave the fabric, it can stop burning automatically. After-finish fabric adopts flame retarding agent to make the fabric have flame retardant function. While some fabrics will left poisons like formaldehyde, and the flame retarding agent can be taken away after daily washing. Due to the fiber of inherent flame retardant fabric has flame retardant function, and it will not lost FR function after several times washing. Such as aramid fabric, cellulose fiber, etc.
The test methods for flame retardant include vertical combustion test, 12-second flame burning, carbon length less than 15cm, after-flame time less than 2 seconds. Wearing the flame retardant workwear correctly will decrease the harm. Some new industrial circles will purchase protective workwears in near future: power grid and natural gas enterprises, steel works, fire rescue, etc.

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