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Testing Standard and Classification of Anti-Splashing Fabrics

2017-07-06 17:52 | writer: admin

water repellent fabric
In the standard laboratory,classify this standard by spraying distilled water on the sample  through the funnel.Commonly used test standards American standard are:AATCC 22(scoring system);European Standard:ISO 4920(rating system);
The contrast between european&American standard is:100(grade 5);90(grade 4);80(grade 3);70(grade 2);50(grade 1);0(grade 0).
Splash-proof water is divided into three types:
a.W/R for water repellent
b.DWR for Durable Water Repellent(Outdoor fabric industry used to call it super splashing water)
The surface of the clothes will not be waterproof  after wash several times.Usually used for outdoor general waterproof.The common index is usually 70 score before wash.W/R clothes will get wet because of the rain when climbing high mountain that will be burdened.
C8 waterproof agent made by Japan Daikin Industries or other company will be 80 scores(Class3 in European standard).Because the fluorine content does not meet the EU standards, it has now been banned by the European Union.Now C6,C4 is more popular which will be 80 scores after 5-10 washing.
Made by Dupont in America and well known.Water,oil&soil repellent.Teflon hangtag can be provided if bought waterproof from this company.But the waterproof performance is not as good as C8,C6.

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