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The Selection Error for Thermal Protective Clothing

2017-07-10 17:53 | writer: admin

thermal protective clothing
A)Industrial heat insulation clothing as fire and heat insulation clothing
Industrial safety performance is usually lower than fire insulation heat insulation clothing fabrics. Using glass fiber in composite aluminum foil, after using it is easy to fall off, low thermal radiation reflectivity (> 70%) and fire insulation clothing base material usually adopts Aramid high temperature resistant material, the surface of aluminum foil is using high speed jet to the base material, surface smooth, not easy to fall off, thermal radiation reflection efficiency (> 90%), Windows in front of the mirror, fire insulation clothes in front of the mirror with gold-plated glass, thermal reflectivity > 95%, industrial heat insulation clothing usually use chrome plated glass surface mirror or polyester transparent surface mirror, thermal radiation of greater than 500 degrees, can't a good reflection, easily into the eye and face injuries.
B)Heat insulation clothing as the clothing keep from fire
Heat insulation clothing style may be the same and from fire, but the heat insulation clothing will not be able to contact the flame, also will not be able to enter the fire workplace. Otherwise, it will cause damage of clothing.
C)Heat insulation and fire-proof confused chemical protective clothing
Heat insulation clothing does not apply to firemen in the fire fighting and rescue work with radioactive material, biological material and hazardous chemicals in use. Function is to cut off heat insulation clothing. It will be more than 70% of the fire source of radiant heat reflection off, the rest of the quantity of heat, through thermal insulation block in the external, packaging clothing inside temperature is not more than 25 degrees.
D)Mixing up high temperature protective clothing and heat insulation
Heat insulation clothing and the difference between high temperature protective clothing, mainly lies in the different environment temperature and fire.

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