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The Washing Requirement for Protective Workwear Made by Kinds of Fabrics

2017-07-18 17:37 | writer: admin

protective workwear
For the different protective fabrics have different washing features, so we have to make a comprehensive analysis to protective workwear which made by kinds of fabrics. At first, we should check the main components and color fastness of kinds of protective fabrics. Such as the washing features of various protective fabrics is consistent or not, contradictory or not, color difference obvious or not. For the good color fastness garments, we can consider to use the regular dry cleaning or washing way, while washing should according to the operating instruction.
Many fabrics have a big difference in washing features, especially in color and color fastness. Some bad color fastness will lead to difficult washing operations. There are also the same workwear with good color fastness which can be washed by water, while some garment with bad color fastness cannot do it in that way.
To protective workwear, the washing features is more complicated, so as a professional technologist, they should give a comprehensive inspect to those kinds of workwear, analyze the component, feature, color fastness, pollution level and spot characteristics. And finally there will be a safer washing plan. Aiming at different features of different fabrics, the reasonable washing method is set out by washing ways and washing technology. The manual operation combined with machine washing and the only manual cleaning washing way is to satisfy the individual demands for this kinds of protective workwear so as to meet a good washing quality.

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