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Performance of Aramid Fabric

2017-07-24 17:51 | writer: admin

aramid fabric
Aramid fiber is an aromatic polyamide fiber, the name of poly phenylene isophthalamide fibers, the chemical structure is terephthalic acid or m-phenylenediamine polycondensation, according to its materials,it can be divided into meta-aramid and para-aramid.
Meta-aramid molecules easy to bend to be applied as a textile material.For example, high temperature protective clothing, fire service, military uniform and space suits,its natural color is milk yellow.Para-aramid has excellent heat resistance, its mechanical stability is very good.Para-aramid is divided into general aramid (N-type) and high modulus aramid (HM).It can make bullet-proof vest because of good mechanical stability.
Para-aramid  is a flame retardant fiber with LOI≥28%. It does not burn, melt or produce droplets in the air, but only resolve at very high temperatures (≥370°C).Kevlar has good electrical insulation properties.Insulating paper made by Kevlar can reach H-class insulation which widely used in high-grade transformers, electrical insulation,mining motor and other products.Aramid fiber has a very good resistance to the performance of most chemicals, the ability of most concentrated inorganic acids, alkali-resistant properties at room temperature is better.Aramid fiber on the α, β-ray and ultraviolet radiation performance is very good.
Aramid Fire Retardant Fabrics made by Xinxiang Yulong Textile are mainly composed of aramid IIIA flame-retardant fabric, which consists of 93% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid and 2% anti-static fiber,with a permanent flame-retardant properties and anti-static Performance.Using flame-retardant protective clothing which made of aramid IIIA fabrics can be a good protection of the wearing people.

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