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Protective Function of Arc Proof Workwear

2017-08-01 17:45 | writer: admin

arc proof workwear
Arc proof workwear with the function of fire-retardant, heat insulation and anti-static , it’s function will not disable or go bad along with the washing times. Once the arc proof workwear exposed to the arc flame or hot, the internal high-strength low-extension bullet-proof fiber will automatically expand rapidly, so that the fabric thickening and the density becomes higher, to form the protective barriers for human health.
Arc means the body close to the high-voltage, but not contact, through the body's induction as a bridge to form a jumper electricity, it can produce more than 2000 degrees high temperature, about four times the surface temperature of the sun, causing intense air explosion and Electrical burns.
When the arc occurs, the huge energy released in a very short period of time. Metallic conductive elements will vaporize leading to high temperature steam and metal rapid expansion. Air and metal vaporization rapidly and thermally expands can cause enormous sound explosions and tremendous pressure.
With the rapid development of industry, more and more arcing accidents occur. Faced with this situation, if the field staff wearing a fire protection and thermal protection performance of clothing, the escape and rescue hope will be greater in the disaster, the less the damage.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile designed and developed high grade arc proof workwear according to the need to arc protection. Xinxiang Yulong textile use the durable flame retardant fabric as basic fabric, this kind of fabric has the function of fire-retardant, heat insulation and anti-static, the protective performance will not decline or lost after many times washing, It has good resistance to instantaneous high-temperature arc heat, when the arc generated, the clothing will form a protective arc compartment to protect the wearer's body, to reduce or avoid harmness. This kind of clothing is applicable to substations, power supply and other power industry and large-scale operation of power equipment and other operating environments in the protective wear. If use the arc proof clothing and arc proof gloves, arc proof hood and arc proof shoes cooperatively, it will be much safe.

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