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The General Classification of Fire Retardant Fabric for Clothing

2017-08-21 17:50 | writer: admin

fire retardant fabric
Fire retardant fabric is used in the field of special protection, such as fire proof workwear, flame resistant hoods, flame resistant gloves, etc. Fire proof workwear is very important personal protective products, it has been widely used in oil, chemical, fire-fighting, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other place with fire, spark and flammable substance. With fire retardant fabric production such as combat uniform, fire-fighting clothing, hearth work clothing, welding work clothing, flying clothing, petrochemical work clothing, racing clothing, etc. They are used in a large amount of fire retardant fabric. And now except for the curtain, in the car cover material, carpet, wallpaper and other interior decoration material such as textile, bedding all of these are also made of flame resistant.
There are many ways to classify fire retardant fabric used for clothing, more often than not ,according to the composition, there are several categories as below:
1.100% cotton products: 100% cotton knitted and woven series;
2.Cotton/Polyester products: 80% Cotton/20% Polyester  85% Cotton /15% Polyester  70% cotton /30% polyester
3.Cotton/Nylon  products:  88% Cotton /12% Nylon
4.Aramid products: Aramid IIIA 93/5/2
5.Modacrylic and cotton: 60/40  60/38/2
If you are not sure the composition, you can send the samples to manufacturer, the professional manufacturer can analyze fabric composition. How to test the quality of fire retardant fabric is most important thing when you buy fire retardant fabric, it needs a professional manufacturer of fire retardant fabric testing room to test each batch of fabric, and the professional inspection report of fabrics can’t be lacked. 

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