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The Importance of Fire Retardant Fabric is More and More Obvious

2017-09-12 17:37 | writer: admin

fire retardant fabric
Fire retardant fabric after these years development,has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,the application fields of fire retardant fabric are growing as well,functional fire retardant fabric meet the different industries,and the special needs of different people.Such as traffic police and sanitation workers and so on, need to wear the functions clothing of reflective fabric when they working;Petroleum and power need to wear fire retardant and anti static clothing,oil & water proof clothing at work;Doctors and chemical workers need to wear acid & alkali clothing at work.
Fire retardant fabric can be divided into two types.One is not durability of fire retardant fabric,normally by immersion or padding process,washable can reach 3-4 times of the fire retardant effect;Another kinds is the durability of fire retardant fabric,normally make inside the fiber or surface of polymerization reaction by chemical methods,and requirements washable can reach 30 times and more,usually with set the oxygen index (LOL) as a measure of fiber fire retardant, value of the Lol is larger,the more difficult it is to burn.
Usually fire retardant fabric by manufacturer is ultimately to be used in fire ground and dangerous environment,affect the staff’s safety directly,so every index of the fire retardant fabric should be strictly in conformity with the relevant standards,must to be on the safe side,this can be as much as possible to reduce the security hidden danger at work.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile will according to the international standards for what we product fire retardant fabric to testing,mainly on the fire retardant performance,mechanical performance,thermal protective performance measure.The special test with fabric fire retardant performance,breaking strength,tear strength,moisture penetrability,hardness,shrinkage,wear resistance,heat protective performance and radiant heat,thermal contact and so on.Also for some multifunctional flame retardant fabric to do some different functions test such as water proof,anti static,oil proof,anti mosquito,anti UV and so on.So as to ensure the flame retardant fabric can meet requirements.

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