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The Advantages and Disadvantages of CP Fire Retardant Fabric

2017-09-19 17:50 | writer: admin

CP fire retardant fabric
CP fire retardant fabric is the application of Pyrovatex CP chemical agents and its craft skills to deal with cotton fiber fabric, continue to extend its combustion and smoldering time and makes the fabric can quickly self-extinguishing. Washes Pyrovatex CP fire retardant fabrics have good function.
Generally speaking, the fire retardant fabric after washing 50 times its fire retardant effect is still within the standard value. In addition, Pyrovatex CP fire retardant fabric feel soft, no smell, and to reach the Oeko - Tex Standard 100 of the European environmental standards, belongs to the green fire retardant products, without any poison to the human body. CP fire retardant fabrics can also with anti-static, fluorescence, water &oil repellent, uv protection, and other technical combination, produce fire retardant fabric has a variety of functions.
CP fire retardant fabric: the advantages of the fire retardant performance is good, the formaldehyde content of 75 PPM or less environmental protection standards require, feel soft, the original fabric fire retardant after the color fastness to affect little.
CP fire retardant fabric faults: strong damage (15-20%), has must have to choose the request to the dye, the cost is too high.

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