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Flame Protective Fabric Breaking Strength and Tearing Strength Detailed Explain

2017-09-25 17:45 | writer: admin

flame protective fabric
Flame protective fabric can be divided into two categories. One is durable flame protective fabric, the use of impregnation or padding process, can reach washable 3 to 5 times the fire retardant effect; the other is durable flame protective fabric, the use of chemical methods in the fiber outside or outside the stop Polymerization reaction, can reach more than 50 times the fire retardant effect. Xinxiang Yulong textile production of flame protective fabrics are more suitable for fire retardant tooling areas, are durable flame protective fabrics. This flame protective fabric is characterized by strong strength, not easy to damage, durable, with high color fastness. Yulong textile can be based on the needs of customers to produce Prudential flame protective fabrics, cp flame protective fabrics, aramid, acrylic cotton, other raw materials flame protective fabrics.
Breaking strength of flame protective fabric test method: the size of the flame protective fabric samples were stretched at constant elongation until broken off, recorded breaking strength and elongation at break. A sample of two sets of flame protective fabrics was cut, one for the warp or longitudinal specimens and the other for the weft or transverse specimens. Each sample should contain up to 5 samples.
Tear strength of flame protective fabric test method: flame protective samples firmly on the clamp,Cut a specimen into one place, the release of the maximum potential position in the pendulum, movable clamp to stay strong clamp, try like tear in the direction of thin language, the tear fabric to do a certain length of the power converted into tearing force.

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