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The Form of Finishing Processing for Three Kinds of Flame Protective Fabrics

2017-10-19 18:02 | writer: admin

With the rapid development of city modernization, the various countries' industrial and research departments compete to the study of the fire retardant finishing technology for textiles, in order to meet the increasing demand of flame protective  fabric, and form the fierce competition in the international market, so as to promote the development of the fire retardant finishing technology.
Do you know how flame protective is produced? Xinxiang Yulong Textile with high technology research and development team, on the basis of using original finishing technology, the use of science and technology, continuous innovation technology, make the fabric has good fire retardant performance, provides the high quality for the human body safety guarantee.
The fire retardant finishing of the flame protective fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile is mainly in the process of finishing and finishing the textile, so as to make the fabric flame retardant. What are the various forms of after flame retarding processing for the fabric ?
First type: dipping and drying.
The process flow is: impregnated - dry - after treatment, it is to place the fabric in flame retardant liquid for a certain time, take out drying can be. Sometimes the flame retardant finishing can be carried out with the dyeing process.
The second type: coating method, mainly used in the flame retardant finishing of engineering tent.
The third type: dip rolling baking method: this method is one of the most widely used in the flame retardant finishing method, and the process is the prebake - prebake.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile specialized in the production of flame protective fabrics and overalls and other protective or related products, particularly suitable for petroleum, chemical, gas, metallurgy, electric welding, mining, repair, and other industries use. Fabric strength is good, not easy to damage, durable, it has high color fastness, soft, comfortable, and can according to customer demand production of pure flame retardant, flame protective fabrics, CIBA flame retardant and materials formaldehyde content is low, non-toxic, no smell, safety and reliability, wear comfortable.

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