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The Cotton Nylon Flame Protective Fabric Requests for The Greige Fabric

2017-10-23 17:31 | writer: admin

cotton nylon flame protective fabric
Cotton nylon flame protective fabric with excellent wear resistance, strong, soft and so on, with the kind of fabric made of protective clothing in addition to excellent fire retardant properties, but also effective to prevent sparks, metal droplets spray Splash, the ATPV value is higher, better thermal protection performance, flame protective fabric is more high quality choice. The fire retardant used is a durable finish for cotton fibers and blended fabrics.
Cotton nylon flame protective fabric is the use of two kinds of raw materials for mixed processing and the production of functional fabrics, What are requirements for the fabric in the production process of the original fabric ?
In the general requirements of the nylon content should not be higher than 20%, usually we have seen are 88% cotton fiber +12% nylon fiber. Polyamide and other polyamide fiber melting point is generally 215 ℃, the decomposition temperature of 315 ℃, the ignition point of 530 ℃ due to its melting point and the ignition point temperature difference between the larger, more easily melt and dripping, from the supply and not burning, so nylon (nylon ) Fibers are considered self-extinguishing.

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