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The Character for Proban Fire Retardant Fabric

2017-10-28 17:18 | writer: admin

proban fire retardant fabric
Proban is a kind of fire retardant additives which is also a kind of fire retardant technology, has many advantages in the production of the fire retardant fabric are widely used.
Proban fire retardant process originated in the United Kingdom, Aowei company ingredient is four Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Chloride (THPC) and low molecular preshrinking body of amide. After fabric pad fire retardant, THPC and amide formation of preshrinking seep into the fiber gap amorphous region and smothering, then in the ammonia and preshrinking body when the ammonia smoked hydroxymethyl cross linking, fire retardant polymer is formed within the fiber after the oxidation stability. The fabric treated with proban method, therefore, feel soft, small power loss, basically keep the fabric comfort and durability.
The water-soluble Proban fire retardant are easily penetrate into the fibers, after ammonia smoked chemical reactions into a macromolecule polymer, forming permanent cross linking, make its have the durability of the fire retardant performance, and the fire retardant performance is not reduced with the increasing the number of washing. At the same time this kind of fire retardant finishing does not alter the original features of the fabric, to maintain the performance of the fabric of the original. Will be this kind of fire retardant fabric has by carbonization, away from the fire, self-extinguishing and effective to prevent the spread of flame characteristics, made of the protective clothing can effectively avoid fire cause harm to human body, to provide effective security protection to the human body.
Proban development of natural fiber fabric fire retardant properties of reliable and good durability can be applied to modern daily life and professional work environment.

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