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The Application of Cotton Polyester Fire Retardant Fabric

2017-11-06 17:49 | writer: admin

cotton polyester fire retardant fabric
The cotton polyester fire retardant fabric is made of more than 50% cotton fiber and less than 50% polyester fiber ,in addition to the moisture absorption of cotton fiber, the fabric is more flexible and restorative with polyester fiber;this fabric is widely used in machinery,welding,mining and chemical domain.
The feature:1.Good elasticity and recovery performance. 2. Moisture absorption and full of color. 3. Washable anti-flame retardant, non-melting and non-toxic. 4. Excellent anti-tearing performance.5.Can reach GB8965-2009、EN ISO11611、EN ISO11612、EN14116 and so on standard.
Application area:The application of cotton polyester fire retardant fabric widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, gas, electricity, electronics, transportation, storage, optoelectronics, information communication, computer, office automation, the work high above the fields such as operators of inflammable and explosive occasions wearing.

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