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The Importance of Fire Retardant Fabric Test

2017-11-07 17:35 | writer: admin

fire retardant fabrics
Today's fire retardant fabrics are carefully designed by the researching and developing team, contains natural fire retardant fiber, synthetic fiber, composite, chemical finishing agent or other production ways. Through unique design to give the fabric more prominent features under certain conditions.
The fire retardant fabric has various functions, the composition also change endlessly. Many people hear the fire retardant fabric will think of fire suit. Though the fire service is one of the functional fabric application areas, but the FIRE RETARDANT fabric is not just used in the fire suit. But also widely used in outdoor clothing, used in some important industries, such as mining, oil extraction, electricity industries and so on.
Compared to ordinary fabric, the fire retardant fabric has more complex test requirements for the shrinkage test, color fastness test, because some of their technical characteristics are difficult to test, measurement and quantification. Relevant indicators of fire retardant fabric fire retardant property: burning speed, after flame time(how long the fabric extinguished after leave the fire, Chinese called it after flame time), smoldering time.
The fire retardant property of fire retardant fabric is judged fire retardant on the fabric burning rate. That is, the fire retardant finished fabric contact the fire some time in accordance with the prescribed method, and then remove the fire to determine the flame combustion time, flameless combustion time, and the extent of fabric damage. The shorter the flame combustion time and flameless combustion time, the lower the degree of damage, which means the better the fire retardant performance of fire retardant fabric. Otherwise, it means that the fire retardant performance of fire retardant fabric is poor.
If the fire retardant fabric manufacturer has a professional testing room to detect flame retardant fabric flame retardant properties, they can control their product property correct, which can produce qualified high quality fire retardant fabric. The fire retardant fabric buyers need to choose a professional manufacturer, fist considering the manufacturer who has a professional fire retardant test room.

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