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The Development Trend of Fire Retardant Fabric

2017-11-16 17:34 | writer: admin

fire retardant fabric
With the rapid development of textile technology,the fire retardant fabric in China have made great progress in recent years and present different development trends.
Complex functions
Function of fire retardant textiles except early fire retardant and thermal radiation, fire  retardant, antistatic, in recent years, according to different fabrics application place puts forward new requirements, such as curtain, the curtain for the bathroom and wet environment, etc., in addition to the fire retardant, also requires mouldproof and repellent;For use, sofa and bed sheets and other fabrics require the health care function. In the military field, the camouflage materials of combat clothing and military equipment not only require fire retardation, but also require anti-counterfeiting function. In our country, the research on fire retardant and anti-static textiles is more mature, and the research on fire retardant water and oil repellent products is also studied, and the textile development with health care function is worthy of attention.
Green environmental protection
Greening of the fire retardant fiber, it is to point to reduce the production process for the environment and the toxicity of the operator, to prevent the fibre adverse influence on wear of choose and employ persons, when the fire broke out, won't produce "secondary poisoning".This is because, fire retardant fabric fire retardant used generally contain halogen, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements, most toxic, in the synthesis of fire retardant, and fiber production process will produce certain toxic to operating personnel, the "three wastes" emissions will lead to more serious environmental pollution.From the perspective of environmental protection, human safety and fire retardant efficiency, it is the future development trend to develop environment-friendly fire retardant textiles without halogen, high efficiency, low smoke and low toxicity.
High technology
High tech fiber is a series of high performance and high functional fibers developed with the development of high-tech industry. High technology fiber applied in the production process to develop a series of new technologies, such as electrostatic spinning, gel spinning, membrane crack spinning, liquid crystal spinning, centrifugal spinning, etc., bring new life to the synthetic fiber industry.High technology of high temperature resistant fire retardant fiber is one of the important branch, high tech fire retardant fiber due to their unique chemical structure, do not need to add fire retardant or modified, itself has the characteristics of high temperature resistant fire retardant.
Comfortable flame retardant fiber
In high temperature, hot radiation and open fire environment, the operator must wear fire retardant protective clothing or thermal protective clothing. Under the above conditions, a person's thermal load is too high, and it is difficult to maintain normal work efficiency for a long time.Therefore, for fire retardant textiles, the comfort of textiles must be taken into account. For fire retardant fiber, the fire retardant properties, spinning properties and thermal comfort properties should be considered.

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