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The Importance of Anti Arc Clothing

2017-12-27 17:52 | writer: admin

anti arc clothing
Anti arc clothing features: 1. Outstanding flame retardant performance, can prevent welding spark, anti-metal spatter; and has anti-acid, anti-static function; 2. Excellent comfort and washability, not because of washing Failure or deterioration; 3. Excellent mechanical and wear resistance.
At present, the testing standards for anti arc clothing mainly include European standards and American standards. European standards for clothing design requirements: clothing design for the wearer in the use and work will not cause any obstacles to action; clothing must be long-sleeved design to protect the entire upper body; clothing buttons or zipper accessories in the arc flash After the reaction can still work; clothing sewing thread, accessories, buttons or zipper accessories in the arc flash reaction will not cause further human injury; metal parts, buttons or zipper must be covered with fabric, non-metallic parts, buttons or zippers Can be exposed to the surface.
The US standard for anti arc clothing is mainly determined from the aspects of flame resistance, fabric weight, tensile strength, tear strength, color fastness to washing, determination of wash water shrinkage and arc protection value.
How to effectively avoid the infringement of the arc, you must wear a professional anti arc flame retardant uniforms. To assess the degree of danger in a particular working environment, to provide workers with appropriate arc personal protective clothing has become a common European and American safety standards. The personal protective clothing against the arc thermal effect can provide more escape time and reduce the degree of burn damage, thereby increasing the survival rate of the victims of the accident.

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