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Two Common Methods to Judge the Performance and Quality of Flame Retardant Fabric

2018-01-09 17:51 | writer: admin

There are two methods for judging the flame retardant performance of flame retardant fabric.
Method one:The flame retardant fabric after flame retardant finishing by the regulation method of contact with flame, within the prescribed time, the flame burning time and flameless combustion time is  shorter ,the extent of the damage is lower. Then the flame retardant performance of the fabric is better. At the same time under the good condition of the flame retardant performance and don’t have harmful substances to human body and environment, the better the quality of the flame retardant fabric; In contrast, the longer the burning time, the heavier the damage is, the worse the performance of the flame retardant, and the formation of harmful materials indicates that the quality of flame retardant fabric is poor.
flame retardant fabric judging methods
Method two: The oxygen index (LOI) in the burning of the fabric is used to judge. In theory, the oxygen index of textile materials is above 21 percent (the oxygen concentration in the natural air is 21 percent), and the textile products are self-extinguishing. According to the data of the extreme oxygen index, textiles are usually classified as flammable (LOI is less than 20%), flammable (LOI equals 20% to 26%), hard to burn (LOI equals 26% to 34%) and non-flammable (LOI > 35%) of four grades. The above four levels are in the test of the flame retardant performance of the extreme oxygen index from high to low in order to reduce the flame retardant function, and flammable enhanced.
The above two methods are more common criteria for judging the quality of flame retardant fabric. If you need to know more, you can contact with Yulong.

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