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High Strength Cotton Nylon Fire Retardant Clothing

2018-01-30 17:04 | writer: admin

Cotton nylon fire retardant clothing refers to the clothing which made by cotton/nylon fire retardant fabric, and this cotton/nylon fire retardant fabric conventional ratio is 88% high-quality cotton and 12% good elastic nylon. High-quality cotton fiber will make the fabric feel more soft, and special nylon determines the fabric of high strength, this high-performance will be proved after 100 times wishing, the flame retardant performance is still good. Fire retardant fabric in the addition of special nylon fiber, the strength can be increased by 15%, can make the fire retardant fabric breaking strength ≥ 600N; tear strength ≥ 27N; cotton nylon fire retardant clothing better durable wear.
Our cotton nylon fire retardant fabric which are produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., LTD. has passed many European and American standards,such as ENISO11611,EN ISO 11612,NFPA2112,ASTMF1506,ASTMF1959,NFPA70E,ASTMD6413, EN61482.
cotton nylon fire retardant clothing
In addition to excellent flame retardant properties, our cotton nylon fire retardant clothing can effectively prevent sparks and metal droplets from splashing. The ATPV value is higher and the thermal protection performance is better. Cotton nylon fire retardant clothing are mainly used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical and other aspects, as well as fire, welders, power industry, exploration, mining, petrochemical workers clothing. General exports to the Americas market uniforms are cotton nylon fire retardant clothing.
Yulong Textile production of cotton nylon fire retardant clothing with more better strength, not easy to break, long lived, high color fastness, and soft, comfortable, low formaldehyde content, non-toxic odor, safe and reliable, comfortable to wear.

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