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Common Fire Retardant Fabric Test Items

2018-03-23 17:05 | writer: admin

Fire retardant fabric testing is a complex process, the main purpose is to test the fabric of some physical and chemical properties are in line with industry standards. Common fire retardant fabric test items are mainly tear strength, breaking strength, shrinkage, wear resistance, water resistance and fire retardant fabric after a certain period of time after burning charcoal length.
Fire retardant fabric tear strength and breaking strength of the main test fabric firmness, the general use of a special fabric strength machine for testing. In a strong machine to stretch a certain length and width of the fabric, pull off the strong size used, said the fabric of the degree of strength and elasticity. The more difficult to break, said the fabric more solid.
Fire retardant fabric shrinkage refers to the fabric in accordance with the requirements of the European standard or American Standard for a certain temperature and the number of times after washing, the percentage of fabric shrinkage. Test results used to prove whether the fabric shrink or shrink the extent of.
Fire retardant fabric wear resistance of the test in order to test the degree of wear and color firmness of the fabric, the general is to take a certain area of fabric using professional testing equipment for testing. The higher the number of times the fabric is ruptured, the stronger the wear resistance of the fabric.
Fire retardant fabric Water resistance test is to test the degree of waterproof fabric, generally through the division level to express the degree of waterproof fabric. The higher the level, the better the waterproof effect.
Fire retardant fabric carbon mainly shows the flame retardant properties of the fabric. Test method is the fabric after a certain period of time the fire ignited, continued burning and smoldering completely disappeared, measuring the length of carbonization of the fabric. Different types of fire retardant fabrics require different standards, as long as the test length in the fabric within the required range, you can be defined as qualified.
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